Taiwanese Chef Chen Chai-fu Arrested for Murdering, Dismembering Sister Chen Wan-ting

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A Taiwanese man may have gone through extraordinary measures to cash in on his sister’s life insurance policy, which may have included murdering his sister and cutting off her head.

Chen Chia-fu, 37, a Taiwanese chef, was arrested on Monday and charged with the murder of his sister, Chen Wan-ting, 36. Chia-fu has taken out five policies on Wan-Ting’s life insurance plan, which have added up to $151,000.

The woman had been missing since December. Authorities only discovered the crime after a note tipped them off that her pickled head could be found in a public toilet. Authorities found her head wrapped in clothes and a plastic bag and covered with salt in a men’s bathroom at the Shangtian Temple in the Shuishang Township.

The note, which police believe is written in the man’s handwriting, requests a proper burial for Wan-ting.

Before her death, the siblings lived together in New Taipei City. According to the Taipei Times, the sister suffered from a mental illness.

Police have also uncovered surveillance footage showing Chia-fu roughly 200 miles from his home carrying black trash bags. Her body has not yet been found.

Sources: Daily News, Taipei Times


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