Syracuse, N.Y., Man Crowned Official Guinness World Record Holder For Widest Tongue


A New York man has been crowned the record holder for having the world’s widest tongue.

Byron Schlenker, 46, of Syracuse, New York, had his daughter examine the width of his tongue, after she saw the previous record listed in the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records.

Schlenker’s tongue is 3.3 inches wide, beating Jay Sloot of Australia whose tongue measured 3.1 inches back in 2010, reports.

Schlenker applied to Guinness, but after they told him the cost of having a company employee come to measure his tongue, he “just let it go and forgot about the whole thing.”

A Guinness rep later emailed him about his application. Schlenker had to go to a doctor and two notaries to measure his tongue.

“I would have never done it if they hadn't contacted me back,” Schlenker said. “It wasn't something I'm striving for. I don't mind if someone beats my record or not.”

“People get excited and sometimes it catches you off guard,” he told KEYE. “They're like, ‘Can you lick my book?’ I'm like, ‘I'm not licking anything.’ But it's just fun.”

Schlenker saw his photo inside the book for the first time when he went to Target with his daughter, he told the Daily Mail.

Schlenker said he did not tell anyone he broke the Guinness World Record until the book was published, because the company told him people would likely come forward and try to one-up him.

He was also told the media would eventually contact him for a story, but he didn’t believe Guinness at first.

“I said, ‘I hadn't seen anybody do anything with their tongues besides Miley Cyrus and Gene Simmons,’” Schlenker said.

Commenters have been grossed out and shocked by Schlenker’s tongue, and he concurs.

“I have to agree with them; it is gross,” he told MailOnline. “But it is funny at the same time.”

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