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Swedish Model Who Looks Like Jessica Rabbit Has To Wear Corset At All Times After Rib Removal


A model who famously removed her ribs to look like the Jessica Rabbit character from the 1988 movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is now stuck in a life-threatening predicament because of the waist surgery.

Pixee Fox, 25, paid around $120,000 to achieve her severe hourglass look by having six ribs removed. Her waist is a record-breaking 14 inches, according to the Mirror. Now, doctors tell her she needs to constantly wear a corset to keep her organs in place.

For those who have a hard time getting an hourglass shape, despite weight loss and tummy tucks, some have their lower ribs removed.  "Rib resection" is major surgery that is more common than many think, but the risks -- hospitalization, infection, and in some cases, organ failure -- are high. And there's no reversing the effects once it’s done. "The ribs do not grow back,” Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon Dr. Aaron Stone told CBS News.

Fox also had breast surgery, a buttock lift and other facial modifications to top off the Jessica Rabbit look.

During a television appearance, the Swedish model said, "It’s recommended to have something to compress your body to keep everything in place after the surgery and also to provide some protection.” Adding, "This corset was custom-made for me to fulfill that requirement."

According to a doctor that was present during the interview, relying too much on a corset has its own set of problems.

"If a person wears it 24 hours a day, then their liver, kidneys and everything else are not going to be in their proper place,” said the doctor.

Amanda Lepore, a fashion designer, had the same procedure as Fox and told Into The Gloss:

"I’ve had my boobs done, and my lips done, my bottom lip reduced, and my bottom rib broken and pushed in -- I think Raquel Welch and Cher did that, too. It’s illegal in the U.S., but I had it done in Mexico. They break the floating rib in the back and push it in, so there's no scar."

Sources: Mirror, CBS News, Into The Gloss / Photo credit: Pixee Fox/Facebook

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