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SWAT Team Kills Mentally Ill Man Who Refused Medication (Video)

Rosendo Rodriquez barricaded himself in his Midland, Texas, home on Monday after refusing to take some medication during a visit by Midland County mental health officials.

The health officials claimed that Rodriquez acted aggressively toward them, but didn't give any details about his alleged aggressive behavior.

Rodriquez's home was surrounded by a SWAT team, bomb squad, helicopter, the Midland Police Department and Midland County Sheriff’s Office (video below).

Several hours later, officers claimed they heard gunfire, entered the home and found the troubled man dressed in armor holding a machete. No guns were found.

"The subject was swinging a machete in close proximity, in a very tight space," Sara Bustilloz, a Midland public information officer, told CBS 7.

The police said that Rodriquez hit one of the officers with the machete, but amazingly the officer wasn't harmed.

Sgt. Mitch Russell and Officer Sean Sharp, who were involved in the fatal shooting, were placed on administrative leave during an investigation of the incident by the Texas Rangers, reports the Associated Press.

"This is not how we want these situations to end," Bustilloz said. "We want them to end without incident. We do everything in our power to make sure that we can try and do it that way first."

Police didn't state what law Rodriquez had actually broken by barricading himself inside his own home and refusing to take medication.

Sources: Associated Press, CBS 7


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