Suzanne Somers Botches Her Anti-Obamacare Article, Wall Street Journal Issues Corrections

The technical problems with the Obamacare website have prompted an avalanche of attacks against Obamacare itself, even reaching the sitcom world.

Former “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers recently attacked Obamacare in an editorial for the Wall Street Journal. However, the publication has had to fact-check and correct statements by Somers, notes The Atlantic.

Somers writes in her editorial:

And then there is another consideration: It’s the dark underbelly of the Affordable Care Act reminiscent of what Lenin and Churchill both said. Lenin: “Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.” Churchill: “Control your citizens’ health care and you control your citizens.”

However, the Wall Street Journal couldn’t stand by that statement:

An earlier version of this post contained a quotation attributed to Lenin (“Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state”) that has been widely disputed. And it included a quotation attributed to Churchill (“Control your citizens’ health care and you control your citizens“) that the Journal has been unable to confirm.

It’s also worth noting that Churchill actually supported universal government health care as far back as 1944, notes Salon.com:

"Disease must be attacked, whether it occurs in the poorest or the richest man or woman simply on the ground that it is the enemy; and it must be attacked just in the same way as the fire brigade will give its full assistance to the humblest cottage as readily as to the most important mansion. Our policy is to create a national health service in order to ensure that everybody in the country, irrespective of means, age, sex, or occupation, shall have equal opportunities to benefit from the best and most up-to-date medical and allied services available."

Somers also recalled an old issue of Maclean’s that she said featured a horse on the cover and warned that Canadian medical students were training to become veterinarians, rather than doctors, due to the country’s universal health care.

But once again, the Wall Street Journal stepped in:

Also, the cover of a Maclean’s magazine issue in 2008 showed a picture of a dog on an examining table with the headline “Your Dog Can Get Better Health Care Than You.” An earlier version of this post incorrectly said the photo showed and headline referred to a horse.

Somers also repeated the false Mitt Romney claim from 2012 that Obamacare was hurting Medicare benefits:

Retirees who are on Medicare will suffer the consequences of 700 billions [sic] of Medicare dollars instead being used to cover the skyrocketing cost of Obamacare.

It’s ironic that Somers would defend a government health care program such as Medicare. In reality, the cuts to Medicare were not for benefits, but rather for over-payments to doctors and hospitals.

The Washington Post reported in 2012:

It’s worth noting that there's one area these cuts don't touch: Medicare benefits. The Affordable Care Act rolls back payment rates for hospitals and insurers. It does not, however, change the basket of benefits that patients have access to.

Somers also claims that Obamacare is “socialized medicine,” which is false because Obamacare is not paying for or performing health care.

Obamacare is actually placing new regulations on insurance companies that have denied coverage to countless ill people and allowed them to die, a fact that Somers does not mention.

Sources: The Washington Post, Salon.com, Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic


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