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Suspect Killed, Four Firemen Released After Georgia Hostage Situation Stand-Off

A lone gunman was killed Wednesday after holding four firefighters hostage, demanding for his power to be turned back on before he released them. The firefighters, luckily, were unharmed during the incident, but the suspect was killed when he and the police exchanged gunfire during an attempt to rescue the hostages.

The Georgia firefighters responded to what they thought was a medical call Wednesday, but instead turned into an armed ambush. The gunman was apparently upset after his utilities and phone service were turned off, which motivated him to hold the firemen captive.

“He wanted all those things turned back on," police spokesman Edwin Ritter said. "That's why he was holding them hostage."

Police have not yet identified the man responsible, and are unsure if he died as a result of self-inflicted gunshot wound or a gunshot wound sustained during the crossfire. Authorities have explained that the man was in severe financial trouble, and was in a foreclosed home in Suwanee, Georgia owned by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

Initially, the man held five firefighters, but allowed one to leave during the course of the day in order to move a fire truck, police officials said.

The hostage situation lasted several hours, and ended when a SWAT team decided the firefighters were in imminent danger and entered the home to rescue them. A few of the firefighters sustained superficial wounds from an explosive that was used to throw off the suspect, and one sustained a non-life threatening gun shot wound to the hand. 

Sources: USA Today, Reuters


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