Susan Stillwaggon Charged After Lying About Son Having Cancer

A New Jersey woman is facing charges after lying about her son having cancer. Susan Stillwaggon, 35, told friends, family, community members and even her own elementary school age son that he had lymphoma.

After getting the news out through her Facebook page and word-of-mouth, Stillwaggon accepted money.

“The soccer team, the mothers were doing cupcake sales, they were selling bracelets, they were selling necklaces, they had a bingo night that they raised money,” said Police Lt. Michael Probasco.

Officials found out about the scheme when they got an anonymous tip from another police department. The supposedly sick son’s elementary school also called police after they became suspicious of the mother-of-four’s claim. “It’s a lie,” Probasco said about Stillwaggon’s ruse.

Stillwaggon’s mother says her daughter is currently being treated at a psychiatric ward.

“I will just tell you that my daughter is sick, something snapped in her head, don’t know what, that’s why she is where she is so we can find out what’s wrong,” she said. The mother said the family was unaware of her daughter’s lies, CBS Local reported.

Stillwaggon was charged Thursday with third-degree theft by deception, third-degree forgery, second-degree endangering the welfare of a child and second-degree using a juvenile to commit a criminal offense. She has not yet been arrested.

The amount of money that was raised is unknown. Police want anyone who knew about or attended a fundraiser for Stillwaggon’s son to give them a call.

Sources: CBS Local, Fox Philly


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