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Pharmacy that Wouldn't Sell Contraceptives Goes Out of Business

by Micole Allekotte, Health Fellow

One of the few pharmacies in the country that refuses to stock contraceptives due to religious beliefs is going out of business.

Apparently, people aren’t going out of their way to support a pharmacy that gets on its moral high horse to refuse to sell a product that nearly everyone in the United States has used or will use. Is this a big surprise? Nope — after all, a significant percentage of a pharmacy’s business usually comes from sales of contraceptives, 98% of women of reproductive age have used contraception, and the vast majority of people, including many Republicans and religious people, think women should have access to contraception.

While these pharmacies have always been an anomaly, it’s nice to see that citizens are speaking with their dollars. Pharmacies and pharmacists, listen up—women know better than you do what is best for our lives, our health, and our families. It’s not only condescending and immoral to deny us access to family planning options; it’s bad for business too!


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