Surgically Enhanced Stars Turn Out For Tony Awards

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Last Sunday's Tony Awards were attended by dozens of top celebrities – many of whom have undergone a laundry list of plastic surgery procedures in attempts to stay looking young and beautiful. According to the OC Register, these Tony Award guests have gone under the knife:
Christina Hendricks, 36. The actress claims she has not gotten breast implants, yet offers no other explanation for the dramatic growth in her bust size over the past decade.
41-year-old actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has reportedly gotten a nose job. Other procedures she may have undergone include breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, and cosmetic dentistry.
Actress Brooke Shields, 46, is a celebrity endorser of eyelash growth drug Latisse. It's also speculated that she has undergone rhinoplasty.
74-year-old actress Vanessa Redgrave says she's had surgery on her eyelids. Actress Angela Lansbury, 85, also says she's undergone eyelid surgery, in order to prolong her acting career.
Actress Lee Meriwether, 76, underwent plastic surgery at the age of 13, when she had her “Dumbo ears” pinned back.

While these stars have admitted to undergoing plastic surgery, others insist that they have not given into the temptation. Model Christie Brinkley, 57, also made an appearance at the Tony Awards. Although many observers suggest she must have gone under the knife, as evidenced by her impressive physique, surgeons who have weighed in say she likely uses Botox and cosmetic fillers, but not cosmetic surgery.


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