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Surgeons Horrified By Woman's Butt Implants (Video)

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Surgeons were reportedly left in shock after seeing a woman’s horribly-botched butt implants (video below).

On the June 28 episode of the E! reality series "Botched," surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif met with Misty, a patient whose butt implants had been causing her severe pain.

Though Misty thought her left implant was causing the issues, Dubrow discovered that it was the right implant that was more problematic — as the actual implant had been moving underneath her skin, the Daily Mail reports.

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"Wow, you can get your hand entirely under the implant," Dubrow said incredulously as he did just that. "This implant was just put in like a breast implant on top muscle. This is wrong."

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Misty said she was unaware of the "severity" of the botched implant because she always thought it was the left one that had been causing her pain. The left side was "completely scarred in and pushed up" — causing more issues on top of the already botched right implant. 

"Buttock implants is not a very common operation, therefore there's no textbook," Dubrow said. "There's no journal article. There's really very little information about how to deal with buttock implant problems."

Misty was told she needed to have the implants removed, and they could not be replaced by new ones because her muscle and buttocks were no longer attached.

"I fought hard for these implants, and I was willing to keep them as long as possible," Misty said. "But I know that the best decision would be to eliminate the pain, and if the implants have to go, then I have to say goodbye."

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Misty’s botched implants quickly went viral, with many viewers criticizing her decision to get them in the first place.

"LOL i would feel sorry for these idiots but then i remember that no-one forced them to go through with this stupidity so any and all fallout from it is entirely on their own shoulders," one viewer commented on Daily Mail. "The best i can do is laugh at their misfortune."

“I'm sorry, but they ask for trouble," another added. "I can't feel sorry for her. who is she trying to impress? money to spare?”

Sources: E!, Daily Mail / Photo credit: E! via Daily Mail

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