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Surgeon Tells Woman Addicted to Illegal Butt Injections That She Will Die

One woman who nearly died from receiving black-market butt injections is dedicating her life to saving others from making the same mistake.

Vanity Wonder, 30, recently appeared on My Strange Addiction to help one woman who is addicted to filling her behind with two litres of liquid from illegal injections. She went from a size four to a size ten with the injections.

Karmello is 23 years old and has one child. She said she had 54 injections to her buttocks and planned to get another 36 to reach the ideal size.

She receives the injections from a woman who is not licensed, and often performs them in hotel rooms. Karmello has paid the woman thousands of dollars to inject unknown substances under her skin.

In the episode, Vanity attempts to warn Karmello of the dangers, but she is stubborn until her sister Jennifer chimes in.

Jennifer asked Karmello to see a plastic surgeon for the sake of her young son, who is just four years old.

When Karmello visits Dr. Anthony Youn, she is shocked by what she hears.

He did an x-ray of her buttocks and hips and said that one more injection could kill her.

After seeing the images, Karmello decides to stop getting the injections.

Over the past few years, illegal butt injections have increased. Most of the people who perform these injections are not licensed in the medical field and have been known to inject anything from glue to soy bean oil. One person had even used Krazy Glue to close the wounds.

They cost about $300 per injection and pose great health risks, including deadly infections.



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