Surgeon Claims World Record for Most Breast Augmentations


Dr. Ted Eisenberg, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Philadelphia's Nazareth Hospital, has recently set the world record for performing the most breast augmentation surgeries. According to World Records Academy, he has performed this procedure on at least 3,460 women during his career.

Perhaps even more impressively, Dr. Eisenberg did not start out specializing in breast implants. He spent the first half of his career performing plastic surgery from head to toe. It wasn't until 1999 that he decided to focus exclusively on cosmetic breast surgery. He was one of the first plastic surgeons to do so in the United States. By concentrating on breast surgery, Dr. Eisenberg was able to become one of the most experienced cosmetic breast surgeons in the world.

As for how Dr. Eisenberg ended up holding the world record, he says "I never imagined being in the Book of World Records." But after watching a knife-throwing tournament in which one of the contestants attempted to set a new world record for bullwhip cracks, he and a friend began thinking about whether Dr. Eisenberg was getting close to the world record in his field. They checked with Guiness World Records, and discovered that he had, in fact, set a record for more breast augmentation surgeries performed in a lifetime.

To date, Dr. Eisenberg estimates that he has performed more than 4,700 breast surgeries, including augmentation, lifts, and the correction of breast asymmetry. By focusing his practice entirely on cosmetic breast surgery, the high level of specialized experience "has given me the opportunity to provide the best care for my patients,” Dr. Eisenberg says.

While not all breast surgery patients can choose a world record holder as their surgeon, it is still important to seek out a surgeon with extensive training and experience performing cosmetic breast surgery.


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