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Sugar Daddy's Want Us to be Hooked!

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The average American consumes 53 teaspoons of sugar a day. Our bodies don't need near that much for good health.

That number might seem impossible. It is the equivalent of a five-pound bag of sugar being consumed by every man, woman, and child every ten days. (...Dangers to Modern Nutrition)

Sugar by any other name is still sugar - and it is not so hidden in our modern food supply, if only you bother to read the labels. It doesn't matter if it is HFCS, Corn Sugar, or some kind of organic or natural sugar. We are all addicted to sugar and the modern food supply is our Sugar Daddy (so to speak). Obviously those who supply the sugar, in any form, would like us to remain hooked on the sugar. I have been getting off of it though!

Not a complete list, but - sugar causes obesity, hormonal imbalance, and metabolic imbalance. Insulin receptors eventually burn out due to over indulgence of sugar, thus diabetes. Sugar causes acidic response and inflammation. It is an anti-nutrient. Sugar overabundance in any person's system requires that the body constantly tries to eliminate sugar excess from the bloodstream; given the fact that we require only 1 to 2 teaspoons of sugar for good state of health - this is concerning!

Additionally, foods we consume that do not have sugar per se - end up turning to sugar in our system!

(I have been off the overabundance of sugar for about a month, this has not affected my ability to feel satisfied after eating. I have also adopted a macrobiotic type of diet in order to stave off what turns to sugar after consumption (white flour as example). )


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