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Yogi Says: Suffering Leads to Great Lessons

"We must go through what we're going through, in order to get where we are going." 

I have to believe that the suffering (and I use that term in the general sense) I've endured over the past six months, and in general over the last two years, and let's be honest, over the course of my life, is all for the greater good.

Even in my darkest days, I believe that I have never been given anything that I cannot handle. I know that Divinity is working through me for some greater understanding so that I may be able to help ease the suffering of others, much like my teachers have done for me.

Often I worry that I'm doing something wrong and get caught up in feelings of "when will I catch my break?..."when will good things happen to me?" At times like this it takes great strength to remind myself that there are good things happening to me all the time and that this temporary stage of discord is just another lesson laid before me to make me stronger and prepared for something bigger.

Repeating the words of Henry Miller “true strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself.”

I teach and write from the most honest, and often times vulnerable, place I can. I do not assume that I know all, but attempt to impart some knowledge based on my experiences. I remind myself that if I have not suffered, how can I help others?

This is not to say that I'd like to continue to suffer forever, but rather, a way to make sense of the obstacles I feel I am continuously having to push through. Suffering brings an opportunity for growth and my practice (on the mat, teaching, writing, studying) is the cultivation of the awareness needed to turn these obstacles into great lessons.

Perhaps that seems lofty to you? I have always felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. If you ask my mom, she'd probably tell you I was born that way! It is my practice that helps me to lighten my load, turning breakdowns into breakthroughs and coming out clearer on the on the other side.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namah!

What tools do you use to "turn it around" when you feel discouraged? How has your yoga practice impacted "the work" you are doing?


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