Poll: Young People Prefer Internet Over Daylight

A new poll finds that most young people in Britain favor an Internet connection over daylight and hot water.

Hillarys, a company that makes blinds, asked 2,465 young people between the ages of 18 and 25 to name the top five things that were important for their quality of life, reports The Huffington Post UK.

Freedom of speech was No. 1 at 81 percent, Internet access came in at 69 percent, daylight was 64 percent, 57 percent said hot water, 37 percent claimed the welfare system and only 11 percent chose a good night's sleep.

To be fair, Britain is known for its cloudy days, so it could be possible these young people have not experienced enough regular sunshine to make a healthy comparison to the Internet.

Those who picked the Internet as one of the most important things in their life were asked how many times they use the Web each day; the average reply was 78.

The young people were also polled on what they would change to improve their lives. Vacations won at 34 percent, followed by more sleep at 28 percent, and 14 percent desired “having a bigger following on social media.”

Chris Matyszczyk, a writer at CNET, wrote a response to the poll results: "I suppose some will be outraged that an Internet connection is seen as so vital. But many 18- to 25-year-olds prefer to spend their time in the dark with just their gadgets for company."

"After all, those gadgets offer them a link to everything they need: fake friends and fake sex."

"Daylight can be quite jarring, especially if you've been up until four in the morning enjoying your favorite fake activities."

Matyszczyk did attempt to validate the 14 percent's desire for "having a bigger following on social media."

"It makes you feel like someone, rather than a no one ululating into a vacuum. It's a source of approval, respect and, who knows, money."

"Honestly, what's daylight ever done for us, except for forcing us to wake up when we don't want to, and exposing all our flaws?"

Sources: The Huffington Post UK, CNET / Photo credit: Welleman via Wikimedia Commons

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