Study: Women's Handbags Can Be Dirtier Than Toilet Seat (Video)

While women joke about what a mess the inside of their handbags is, a new study by Initial Washroom Hygiene Solutions claims that some of the items inside the average purse may have more bacteria than a toilet seat (video below).

The prime offenders include hand cream, lipstick, mascara and hand-sanitizer bottles, reports CBS New York.

The worst type of handbag, according to the study, is leather because its spongy texture can be a germ breeding ground.

According to Dr. Sorana Segal-Maurer, with New York Hospital-Queens, cell phones also carry quite a bit of bacteria.

“We don’t want to put it down. It goes into the bathroom with some people, not a good idea,” Dr. Segal-Maurer explained. “You really need to wipe it down.”

Dr. Segal-Maurer warned against placing fruit inside purses: “Number one, you’re probably not going to wash your hands before you go reaching for it, and number two, it’s floating around next to all the other stuff in your bag and then you want to put it in your mouth. It’s not a good idea."

The outside of a handbag doesn't do much better, as women often place it on public bathroom floors.

Source: CBS New York


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