Study: Women Dread Trying On Swimsuits More Than Wearing Them

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A study by researcher Marika Tiggemann, a psychologist at Flinders University in Australia, found that women dread trying on swimsuits in private, more than wearing them in public.

According to, 102 female undergraduates were surveyed with various imagined scenarios of trying on and wearing clothes. Imagining wearing a swimsuit made women feel worse about their bodies than did jeans.

Surprisingly, imagining wearing a swimsuit in a dressing room made women most likely to self-objectify, not the public scenario in which they would wear the swimsuits.

Tiggemann and her colleagues wrote in May issue of the journal Sex Roles: "The dressing room of a clothing store contains a number of potentially objectifying features: mirrors, bright lighting, and the virtual demand that women engage in close evaluation of their body in evaluating how the clothes appear and fit."

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