Study: Women are Fatter Because They do Less Housework

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The average waist for women has gone up six inches over the past 60 years and new inventions that make housework easier are at fault for this, according to UK Dr. Ros Altmann.

Dr. Altmann told The Mirror: “When you think of the time that women had to spend cleaning and cooking, life is so much easier now, although obviously that has contributed to the bigger waistlines.”

The findings came from a survey of 8,000 people comparing Britain in 1952 to the present day.

Dr. Altmann said that the average British female measured 28 inches around the middle when the Queen came to the throne, in 1952, and she burned off 1,000 calories a day doing chores.

Post-World War II good rationing was still in place in 1952 and the average number of calories consumed each day was 1,818.

This has increased to 2,178 calories a day and today’s woman has an average waist line of 34 inches.

Dr Altmann added: “Our research shows the economic and lifestyle changes over the last 60 years have fundamentally transformed the lives of older people."

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