Study: Why Women Talk More Than Men

Scientists have discovered that women possess higher levels of a "language protein" in their brains, which may explain why gals are so talkative.

According to ScienceWorldReport.com, research has shown that the average woman speaks up to 20,000 words in a day, about 13,000 more than the average man.

A new study by researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and published in The Journal of Neuroscience shows that a protein called 'FOXP2' may be the cause of women's advantage over men.

A team led by J. Michael Bowers and Margaret McCarthy conducted a small study on human children aged four to five years, who had died in accidents less than 24 hours before being studied. The researchers analyzed the amount of FOXP2 protein in the brains of these children. Researchers found 30 percent more FOXP2 protein in the brains of the girls.

FOXP2 is a key molecule for communication in mammals. With this new biological link, scientists could potentially trace back the evolutionary origin of speech.

Source: ScienceWorldReport.com


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