Study: What Men and Women Do That Drives the Other Crazy

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A study, paid for by Dr. Beckmann laundry detergent, questioned 2,000 men and women across the UK to find the most annoying traits of the opposite sex.

The study revealed that women annoy men the most (42%) by saying "I’m fine" when they are clearly unhappy about something.

37% of women claim that the most annoying male habit is when men do not listen to women correctly, which is made worse when men repeat the last sentence they hear from their female partner.

The second most annoying female habit is talking too much. 28% of men say that women talk non-stop, especially when they’re trying to watch their favorite TV show.

Dr. Beckmann spokesman Susan Fermor said: "It’s just that men think women talk more. That’s because there is a mismatch in what the sexes talk about.”

“It’s the minutiae of all that which men find excruciating. They’re not interested. They’re more goal-orientated. I’d suggest women talk to their friends at length and fulfill their needs that way then just give men the briefer version.”


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