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Study: U.S. Bra Size Has Increased Over 30 Years

The average American bra size has grown by three cup sizes over the last 30 years, claims a new study.

According to a survey the lingerie company Intimacy, the average bra size in the U.S. in 1983 was a 34B, but today it is 34DD.

"Instead of forcing D+ breasts into A to D cup bras, women are beginning to purchase larger cup sizes that actually fit properly," an Intimacy spokesperson told

"[Twenty years ago] the American market carried less than 20 sizes, so women with bigger breasts squeezed into bras that were two or more cup sizes too small. Therefore, the idea that breast size is increasing is perhaps slightly inflated due to women actually purchasing larger [and more accurate] bras for themselves." reported their best selling bra was a 34E and plans to increase its sizing up to a 38G.

Guido Campello, VP of Sales at Cosabella, also noted that their bra sizes have been growing.

"I simply believe the industry is focusing on larger cup sizes more in terms of offering, where they had never offered luxury or fashionable product before," stated Campello.



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