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Study: Sprite May Cure Hangovers

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A study published in September by Chinese scientists revealed that Sprite may act as a cure for hangovers.

The group of researchers from Sun Yat-Sen University in Gaungzhou found that hangovers are caused by acetaldehyde. This means that traditional cures like herbal tea, which increases the activity of ADH, could actually increase the effects of a hangover.

Sprite and soda water, however, increased the rapid breakdown of ADH, meaning that it reduced the harmful effects of alcohol consumption.

Edzard Ernst, a medicinal science expert from the University of Exeter, said the findings were interesting, but would need to be replicated. For this reason, he recommended that people not stock up on Sprite just yet.

Ernst added that the study is a good reminder that herbal medicine can be both harmful and beneficial to human health.

This study is one in several that has sought a cure for the hangover. In April, Dr. Alyson E. Mitchell of the University of California researched the ingredients in Yak-a-mein soup, which is popular in New Orleans for allegedly curing hangovers.

Mitchell found that the egg in Yak-a-mein soup can remove ADH from the body, just as Sprite and soda water can.

Sources: Yahoo News, CBS News


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