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Study: People With Full Bladders May Be Better Liars

A new study by researchers at California State University, Fullerton, has found that having a full bladder may make someone a better liar.

The research, published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition, asked 22 students to answer a written questionnaire about controversial issues.

Half the students were then told to drink a small amount of liquid, while the other half was told to drink a large amount. The students were told to tell lies about two of their opinions, 45 minutes later, notes MedicalXPress.

Students who had a full bladder showed fewer symptoms that they were lying than the ones who drank less liquid.

The impulse controls to hold a full bladder and to lie use similar nerves, study leader Iris Blandon-Gitlin told the New Scientist.

“They’re subjectively different, but in the brain they’re not," Blandon-Gitlin stated. "They’re not domain-specific. When you activate the inhibitory control network in one domain, the benefits spill over to other tasks.”

“If it’s just enough to keep you on edge, you might be able to focus and be a better liar,” Blandon-Gitlin added.

Sources: New Scientist, / Image Credit: Carlos Latuff/


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