Study: Newborn Baby Can Ruin Marriage, Sex Life

While most parents will publicly express happiness at the arrival of a newborn baby, a new study compared that same bundle of joy to an earthquake that can destroy a couple's sex life and marriage.

The phenomenon is called "baby quake."

A study, conducted by the relationship organization OnePlusOne, found that 40 percent of new moms worried that they were no longer sexually attractive, while more than 25 percent of new dads worried their woman would stop wanting to have sex.

The study surveyed 1,400 mothers and fathers.

According to the Daily Mail, the study said almost two-thirds of new parents worry about their new roles and stop seeing themselves as sex partners.

"Becoming a parent can put a relationship under extreme pressure as each partner tries to adjust to their new role. For some, it can be almost like a mini-earthquake. Often one becomes a stay-at-home parent and this can be very isolating," said OnePlusOne director Penny Mansfield."

"If they feel the partner out at work does not appreciate them, it can lead to arguments. Time alone is vital because it’s very easy to slip into seeing each other as parents rather than as romantic partners, leading to issues around sex and intimacy."

The study said that almost 25 percent of couples split up with their partner. Of those parents, two-fifths broke up during the pregnancy or before the child was 3 years old.

Source: Daily Mail


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