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Study: Men See Obese Women as Guilty of Crimes

A team of Yale psychologists released a new study that found male jurors were far more likely to judge a guilty verdict for obese women than slender women.

The researchers presented 471 men and women with a case of check fraud. They also presented them with one of four pictures, a large guy, a lean guy, a large woman, or a lean woman, reports

The men and women were told to rate the defendant’s guilt on a five-point scale

No fat bias emerged when the females evaluated the female defendants, or when either men or women judged the guilt of the men.

However, men were “significantly more likely” to find the obese female defendants, rather than the slim ones, guilty.

Fit male participants frequently labeled the fat women “repeat offenders.”

One of the researchers, Dr. Natasha Schvey, told that fat women are more likely to be perceived as coming from lower socioeconomic backgrounds than fat men and were likely to be guilty.


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