Study: Men Have Trouble Reading Women's Emotions


Women often complain that men do not know what they are feeling, even when gals have not told guys how they feel. Instead, men are often scolded by women: "You should just know."

However, according to a new German study, men are able to read other men's emotions far better than they can read women's emotions via the eyes, reports

Psychiatrist Boris Schiffer led a research team at the LWL-University Hospital Bochum in Bochum, Germany, which analyzed 22 single men between the ages of 21 and 52.

The men's brains were scanned with MRIs while they looked at 36 pairs of eyes (half men and half women). The guys had to choose between "distrustful” or “terrified" to describe the emotions of the eyes.

“We found that men actually had twice as many problems in recognizing emotions from female as compared to male eyes,”stated the report, which was published in the journalPLOS ONE. “The finding that men are superior in recognizing emotions/mental states of other men, as compared to women, might be surprising.”

The report also stated there may be an evolutionary purpose in being able to identify the emotions of other men:

From an evolutionary point of view, accurate interpretations of other men’s, rather than women’s, thoughts and intentions—especially threatening cues—may have been a factor contributing to survival in ancient times. As men were more involved in hunting and territory fights, it would have been important to them to be able to predict and foresee the intentions and actions of their male rivals.

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