Study Links Facebook with Clinical Depression in Teens


Excessive time spend on Facebook can cause severe depression in young girls, according to new research conducted by Dr. Joanne Davila at Stony Brook University in New York.

According to Davila in a statement to UK’s Daily Mail, “There is a wealth of communication technology available to teens today that allows them to talk over and over again about the same emotional difficulties.” She went on to say that “texting, instant messaging and social networking make it very easy for adolescents to become even more anxious, which can lead to depression.”

Dr. Davila and a colleague interviewed 83 girls around the age of 13 and then followed up one year later. On both occasions the girls were tested for depressive symptoms and asked questions about common romantic experiences such as dating and kissing. Dr. Davila discovered a significant link between higher levels of discussing problems with friends and higher levels of depression.

“Lots of talking can help if those involved have strong problem-solving skills because it helps them reach a solution and it builds friendships,” Dr. Davila told the Daily Mail. “They often don't realize that excessive talking is actually making them feel worse.”

For parents concerned that their daughters may be demonstrating these symptoms, Davila offered this advice:

“Parents may need to be aware when they are obsessing about a setback and set limits on the discussion. They could change the subject, for example, after helping their daughter sum up how they feel about the problem, or think about more active ways to deal with it.”



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