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Study: Gold Particles May Heal Heart Tissue

Scientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel have reportedly found a way to restore the function of the human heart, after a heart attack, with gold particles.

When someone suffers a heart attack, the tissue in the heart usually suffers some permanent damage because the cells in the heart cannot multiply.

Also, due to a lack of stem cells in the heart, the organ is not able to repair itself.

However, the scientists claim that tiny gold particles can be engineered into heart tissue, which drastically improves circulation.

“Gold has been found to increase the connectivity of bio-materials," researcher Dr. Tal Dvir told

According to Dr. Dvir, the gold particles within the tissue can actually replicated the heart’s electrical system, which controls the heartbeat.

The gold particles optimize the electrical signals between cells, which contract at the same time and with more strength than before.

The next step will be trying the gold particles treatment in pre-clinical tests and then in clinical trials with patients.



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