Study: Fat Women More Likely to Have Sex on First Date


Guys looking to score on the first date may want to consider going out with a fat chick. A new study has found larger women are more likely to have sex on a first date than their slimmer counterparts. It was opposite for men.

The Daily Mail reports that the British dating site surveyed 10,000 of its members, wondering how far they would go on a first date. Heavy women were more likely than skinny women to have sex on an initial meeting. As far as height, tall women are a better bet than short women.

But for men, the better shape they are in, the more likely they are to jump into the sack. Not surprisingly, married men who are on the site are also looking for sex on the first date.

As far as lifestyle, people who were moderate drinkers, spent time in bars and had an interest in cars were more likely to have sex. That was the same for men and women.

Those who don't drink also won't have sex. The same goes for people who are into cycling, for some reason.

And once again showing the difference between men and women, less educated women are more likely to have sex on a first date, while it is better educated men who are looking for a quick roll in the hay.


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