Study: Back Pain Cured With One Injection


An experimental study at the Columbia Interventional Pain Center in Columbia, Missouri, suggests that injecting bone marrow grafts into the spine may hold the cure to back pain.

Researchers found that bio-cellular grafts normally used to repair damaged tissue may be useful for treating low back pain. Most of the patients, who got this injection, reported total relief. The study results were announced at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, reports

“Our results are encouraging," said Dr Donald Meyer. “Currently, when conservative treatment measures fail, therapeutic options are limited for individuals with back pain due to disc degeneration. Many resort to disc surgery or spinal fusion with mediocre results. Our goal is to help develop a safe, natural method to boost the body’s own capacity to heal disc pain.”

The injection is made of a concentrated form of bone marrow liquid that is shot into the lumbar discs, which are cushions made of tissue that sit between the bones in the spine.

The lumbar discs can wear down, slip and place pressure on nerves, but the injection is seen as an effective way to repair them.

This is not the first time a single injection cure has been made public. The Daily Mailreported on a Chinese study in 2010 about an  injection of methylene blue, which is believed to lower nitric oxide levels and prevent and/or reduce inflammation in osteoarthritis.

Sources: and Daily Mail


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