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Study: Americans Think Green Wrapping Means Healthier Food

According to a new study by Cornell University Assistant Professor Jonathon Schuldt, published recently in the journal Health Communication, people tend to think food with a green label is healthier than ones with red or white labels, even when the number of calories is the same.

This effect was strongest among people who place high importance on healthy eating, reports

"More and more, calorie labels are popping up on the front of food packaging, including the wrappers of sugary snacks like candy bars. Currently, there's little oversight of these labels," Schuldt said in a press release.

"Our research suggests that the color of calorie labels may have an effect on whether people perceive the food as healthy, over and above the actual nutritional information conveyed by the label, such as calorie content."

"As government organizations including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration consider developing a uniform front-of-package labeling system for the U.S. marketplace, these findings suggest that the design and color of the labels may deserve as much attention as the nutritional information they convey," Schuldt added, reports

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