Study: 73 Percent Say They Are Not With Their 'True Love'

According to a new study by Siemens Festival Nights, 73 percent of people that were polled said they are “making do” with their current love because their true love got away.

“The ‘making do’ part is sad, in the sense of, we’re not really tapped into, ‘Why are we in this, what are we looking for long term, and what do I really desire?'" relationship expert Kavita Patel to CBS Miami. “Well, it’s better to be with somebody than nobody. I think that comes up for people.”

The poll, which surveyed 2,000 people in London, also found that 17 percent met their soul mates too late in life, after they were already paired-off or married, 25 percent said they were in love with two people at the same time and a staggering 46 percent would leave their spouse or partner for their true love.

Patel believes that even people who are not with their true love "can always find a way to make it better."

“It requires you letting them in on those deeper secrets, or deeper thoughts that are going on for you that you’re scared to reveal, that will allow you to connect further,” added Patel.

Dr. Scott Bea, a clinical psychologist at Cleveland Clinic, also suggested some mental gymnastics for people who are not with their true love.

"I'd encourage people that might find themselves in that [category], to actually feel good about it,'" Dr. Bea told My Fox Detroit.

"Because any relationship that lasts is going to go through difficult times, and you may be staying for better reasons than you think. You might actually consider the good reasons for staying, and not necessarily the fact that you're enduring, or the things you thought you were missing."

Sources: My Fox Detroit and CBS Miami


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