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Studies Show Parents Want Alternative Medicine for Children

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that 90% of parents in a 2010 health survey want more information about natural and alternative medical treatments for their kids – and a medical study showed almost nine million kids are already using these treatments.

The study, from Harvard Medical School, and the survey, from Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, also indicated that parents are looking to combine traditional medical practices with alternative medicine to treat their children’s illnesses. 68% of parents thought integrative medicine could be an effective way of keeping their kids healthy. More than 75% wanted hospitals to offer integrative treatment options.

Many doctors pooh-pooh homeopathic medicine, and, when asked why they do so, point to the lack of scientific evidence that it works. However, more and more studies are being conducted on homeopathic medicine, and published in prestigious medical journals: for example, researchers have noted oscillococcinum’s positive effect on flu.

Integrative medicine centers are gaining popularity: they aim to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms of whatever ailment he or she has. In addition to homeopathic and herbal medicines, these centers are exploring the benefits of treatments like yoga, massage and acupuncture on sick patients. It makes sense that if more adults are looking toward holistic medicine, they would want the same range of possibilities when it comes to their children’s health.

Originally published on GrannyMed


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