Students Unite To Stand Up For 6-Year-Old Danny Keefe, Who Was Being Picked On For Speech Difficulties


An 11-year-old boy wasn’t going to stand for a 6-year-old being picked on, and he decided to do something about it in a big way.

WCVB reports that young Danny Keefe speaks with difficulty due to childhood apraxia of speech (CAS). The 6-year-old attends kindergarten at Mitchell Elementary School in Massachusetts and has already beaten the odds. When he was born, his parents were reportedly told he would be severely handicapped both physically and mentally due to a serious brain hemorrhage.

Keefe attends school wearing a suit and tie every day, something he’s chosen to do on his own. He’s also the water coach for a Peewee football team that his older brother plays on.

When word got out recently that Keefe was being picked on because of the way he speaks, the team’s quarterback, 11-year-old Tommy Cooney, took action. The Williams Intermediate School fifth-grade student decided he too would wear a suit to school to support Keefe.

“He’s such a good person. He doesn’t let it bother him. He goes on with his day. He’s a 6-year-old kid. We should all respect that,” Cooney stated.

Cooney then told all his teammates about “Danny Appreciation Day” and the squad thought it was a great idea.

Wicked Local notes that Keefe’s friends on the Bridgewater Badgers team all wore suits to school on Nov. 20 in support of Danny.

More than 40 students from Mitchell and Williams crowded around the little boy with the winning personality in the Williams library cheering “Danny, Danny.”

“This is the best day ever,” a smiling Keefe said.

Sources: WCVB, Wicked Local


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