Students Refuse Healthy Lunches, Parents Blame School (Video)


Students at Haskell High School in Oklahoma have been choosing skimpy lunches, taking pictures of the food and posting the pics online.

Outraged parents then complain how their children are going hungry (video below).

"Last year, my boys started calling me, 'Can you please bring me something to eat? We’re still hungry,' or, 'This is gross,'" mom Cheryl Bunch told Fox 23.

Parent Jerilyn Shearer is furious over a picture of her daughter's chosen lunch, a cheese-filled bread stick and marinara sauce.

"A bread stick and a thing of marinara sauce? You call that a lunch?" complained Shearer. "She comes home eating everything that she can because she’s hungry, and all the kids are going home hungry."

However, Haskell High School Superintendent Sharon Herrington told Fox 23 that students are offered five items and must take at least three. Of those three choices, one of them must be a vegetable or fruit, which some kids refuse.

"I don’t really eat the salad bar, because most of the time the cucumbers or broccoli or everything like that looks old," Haskell High School student Pepper Thomas told Fox 23.

Last month, the National School Boards Association issued a report that chronicled the staggering amount of healthy food that is thrown away by students in the U.S.

According to The Blaze, the National School Boards Association said that 83.7 percent of U.S. school districts noted a waste in food since the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act law was passed in 2010.

The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act requires school children to be served fruits and vegetables, which many of the kids are throwing in the trash. This triggers their parents' dramatic claims that they are being starved at school.

Several conservative news sites have blamed First Lady Michelle Obama for the kids' refusal to eat healthy school lunches and their subsequent self-induced starvation. screamed the headline, "Watch: This Photo Of A Gross Michelle Obama School Lunch Has Sparked Widespread Outrage," while wailed, "Michelle Obama's Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act Leaves Kids Hungry."

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