Students Protest Racist Asian-Themed Party at Duke University (Video)

An Asian-themed party dubbed the 'racist rager' has created a firestorm at Duke University.

According to Duke University’s newspaper The Chronicle, hundreds of students on Wednesday (video below) protested against the 'Asia Prime' party that was hosted by Kappa Sigma last week.

"These parties are not racist because they necessarily offend all Asians, these parties are racist because they reflect and recreate power structures that people can be subject to simply by being Asian,” said Ting-Ting Zhou, the president of the Asian Students Association. “This protest is about the destructive prejudice that must be uprooted from every corner of Duke to make this place an inclusive and safe place for all.”

Members of Kappa Sigma fraternity sent out invitations for their party that were intentionally written in broken English and, during the party, pictures of students wearing sumo costumes and rice paddy hats were posted on Twitter using the hashtag “#racistrager.”

“Our fraternity acknowledges that at Duke University, racial divides and stereotypes exist, and that our actions have promoted and aided these afflictions,” Kappa Sigma President Luke Keohane wrote in response to the protest in The Chronicle. “Our institution has been the subject of controversy at the national level in the past for issues relating to race, and we apologize to the entire Duke community, past, present and future, for any negative light that we are responsible for being cast upon the University.”

Source: The Chronicle


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