Student Who Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Finds Out She's 38 Weeks Along While On Vacation


A 22-year-old woman from Australia gave birth to a healthy baby boy – mere days after discovering she was pregnant while enjoying herself on a trip to Europe.

Kate Hudson remained a size six throughout the nine months of her mystery pregnancy. She didn’t experience morning sickness and didn’t even have a bump. The only symptom she said she noticed was one few women would complain about.

“I was still getting regular periods, I wasn’t nauseous, no morning sickness, little weight gain, so it seemed silly to think I was pregnant,” Hudson told The Young Mummy. “All I had leading up to it was a little constipation and I went from a C-Cup to a D-Cup.”

While vacationing in Prague, Hudson says she began feeling ill. Seven weeks after flying from Melbourne with friends, she took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. After visiting an obstetrician in Prague, she discovered she was 33 weeks pregnant, reports Yahoo News.

“I thought she said 13 – not 33!” Hudson said. “No way was I ready to have a baby. I’m only 22. No job, no money and no time to prepare.”

Hudson called her boyfriend Aaron, who was back in Australia, to break the news that he was going to be a father. She said he was supportive.

But Hudson had quite a few concerns: particularly considering the fact that she had been engaging in risky behavior while overseas: she says she took part in extreme sports, drank alcohol and ate “anything and everything.”

“I was exercising heaps, jumping off cliffs, riding bikes, drinking alcohol,” Hudson said. “The baby’s heath was both mine and Aaron’s concern.”

Hudson says she hopped on a plane for Australia right away and was upset because she didn’t know how to prepare for such a life-altering event. When she visited her doctor in Melbourne, she discovered she had less time to get ready than she originally thought: she was informed that she was actually 38 weeks along and would be giving birth in 10 days.

Baby Mason was born weighing 6.5 pounds. Doctors told Hudson she had a tilted back uterus, which explains why she lacked a baby bump. Both mom and baby are healthy and doing well.

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Sources: The Young Mummy, Yahoo News

Photo Credit: Instagram


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