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Woman Creates Life-Size Barbie to Highlight Doll's Role in Body Image Problems

Galia Slayen, the student who transformed the iconic Mattel toy into a life-size replica model, says that Barbie’s build helps accelerate “a drive for thinness,” claiming that the doll was one of many factors in her own personal struggle with body image and an eating disorder.

We have discussed Barbie, the doll that has been blamed for much that is wrong with body image in America before. We discussed a woman who supposedly was inspired by Barbie to have a good deal of plastic surgery. How many of our own problems can we really blame on anyone (or thing) other than ourselves though?

**NOTE: To see a picture of the Barbie doll, check out this story on Opposing Views.**

This time a student re-created a life size Barbie, which seems to have a small head by my view, to blame it in part for her problems with body image. A person who identifies with a piece of plastic to the extent that that relationship drives behavior is a bit on the questionable side I think. Where were her parents during this time? While political correctness calls upon us to consider this woman a victim, I think we need to accept personal responsibility for our actions and not point fingers everywhere (and at everyone) other than ourselves.

Than again, this might have just been a publicity stunt.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


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