Student Dies Hours After University Graduation


A 22-year-old student passed away just hours after marking what should have been one of the happiest days of her life.

After celebrating her graduation in biology and business from University of Texas at Arlington last Friday, Aminah Jennifer Ahmed complained of a headache and vomited. When she arrived home, she said she would take a short rest on the couch.

Later that evening, her father rushed her to hospital when she started having breathing difficulties.

“There was zero symptoms, zero signs, zero everything [before graduation day,]" her father Shamsul Ahmed told KHOU. "She said she had a headache and throwing up, and that's it."

Aminah was put on life support, but she never recovered and died in hospital Wednesday.

“You hold on to that faith and you know you're OK with that, but then, at the same time, your world is just kind of tumbling," Shahina Ahmed, Aminah’s cousin, stated.

“Broken, heartbroken,” Aminah’s father added. “Nothing comes close to her.”

Doctors told the media that they suspect Aminah suffered a brain aneurysm. This is caused by a weakened blood cell which fills up with blood. If it ruptures and floods the brain, it can result in a stroke.

“It’s not very common in young patients,” Dr. Babu Welch of UT Southwestern explained, according to Daily Mail. “Usually our average age range is in that 40-60-year-old range.”

Aminah was extremely active in her local community. She had also set up a project to help children in Asia access eye surgery.

Amina’s parents renamed the initiative Aminah Sees, and have raised over $30,000 through a GoFundMe campaign thus far.

“The family is in immense pain having seeing their daughter graduate literally hours before she was declared completely brain dead,” Omar Suleiman, an Imam and director of the Islamic Learning Foundation, said on his Facebook page.

“Please keep her and them in your sincerest thoughts,” he wrote.

Sources: KHOUDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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