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Stripping Funds From Planned Parenthood Could Cost Indiana $4 Million

The state of Indiana is so determined to ensure no money goes to Planned Parenthood in the state, that it is willing for forgo all of its family Planning money to do it.  A recently passed Senate will would deny the health care provider of the $3 million a year in family planning funding it receives, even if doing so means the state will also not receive the additional one million that goes to other providers.

Via Business Week:

Stripping Planned Parenthood of Indiana of all Medicaid funding could cost the state all of its $4 million in federal family planning money, the state's human services chief said.

Federal law prohibits states from choosing which providers can offer family planning services to Medicaid patients, and violations can cost states all of their family planning funding from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, The Indianapolis Star reported Friday.

The Indiana Senate voted Tuesday to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood as part of an anti-abortion bill. If it becomes law, Indiana would become the first state to prohibit Medicaid recipients from seeking care at Planned Parenthood.

So, conservatives are for smaller government, and hate health care mandates, except when it comes to family planning.  Then they want to pick your provider or cut you off all together.


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