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Story Of A Young Father Who Died Of Skin Cancer Goes Viral (Photos)

A cautionary tale about a young father failing to seek medical treatment for a bump under his arm has gone viral.

Imgur user NotSinceBreakfast posted the story of their friend’s friend, Steve Hock, to the image-sharing forum. Steve apparently didn’t seek out a doctor’s advice until a bump under his arm grew to be about the size of a baseball.

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The tumor, which was removed, turned out to be a rare form of Melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

After the surgery, Steve began experiencing cognitive difficulties and eventually lost the ability to speak.

Doctors then found a large tumor in his brain. They reportedly "went in blind" and were able to remove it.

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However, Steve's condition deteriorated when he was diagnosed with a staph infection, in part because his lymph nodes were removed during his initial surgery.

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After receiving radiation therapy, Steve developed swelling in his head and had to have multiple brain surgeries. It became apparent that he was dying and would leave behind his partner, Tami, and their two young children, Dexter and Zoey.

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Steve died at home, surrounded by his friends and family. While he was alive, Steve’s family set up a crowd-funding page for his children. It has since raised more than $16,000.

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“Don't be ignorant, protect your skin, This CAN happen to you!,” NotSinceBreakfast wrote on Imgur.

Sources: Imgur, FundRazr Images via Imgur


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