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Story Of Shaken Baby's 'Miraculous' Survival Goes Viral

On Aug. 17, 2012, when Cheyenne Rae was 8 months old, she was severely shaken by her father, James Davis Jr. She stopped breathing and suffered from a brain bleed and a skull fracture, People magazine reported. 

Cheyenne miraculously survived the attack and a post on Facebook written by her mother, Amy Owensby, about Cheyenne’s recovery has gone viral.

The mother says on the page "Prayers for Cheyenne Ray": “3 years since Cheyenne was shaken by her dad. 3 years since I was told she wouldn't live through the night. 3 years since her heart stopped. 3 years since she had half her brain removed. 3 years since our lives changed forever.” The post has garnered almost 34,000 likes and more than 1,600 shares.

In a separate Facebook post dated May 7, Owensby wrote that her daughter isn’t walking yet. "She literally struggles DAILY from what was done to her ... she can't hold a baby doll and her cup at once, she has to choose which she would rather hold at that moment because one hand isn't working, like it’s ‘supposed’ to anyway," she wrote. 

Despite her difficulties, Cheyenne is lucky to be alive. 

“It only takes a few seconds to change things forever,” Owensby wrote, reported WYFF.  “A few seconds of frustration and anger to cause the unthinkable. I had heard about shaken baby syndrome and always thought 'that will never happen to me.' But clearly, it did. It happens way more often than I ever imagined and that needs to be known.”

Sources: Prayers for Cheyenne Rae/Facebook (2), People, WYFF / Photo credit: Prayers for Cheyenne Rae/Facebook


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