Stop the Obsession With the Scale Once and For All!

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Credit: dsearls

How many times have you stepped on the scale, full of hopeful anticipation and a week of eating healthy and working out, only to be disappointed by the number staring back at you? Suddenly, that great feeling of accomplishment you had vanishes and you tell yourself that, again, you failed. No matter how hard you try, you can’t lose weight. Sound familiar?

For so many who are trying to lose or manage our weight, the scale is our main tool for measuring our progress. Unfortunately, we often allow it to measure our self-worth, too. While the scale can be a good way to measure progress, it shouldn’t be your only indicator of health and change. In fact, using it as your only form of measurement can result in obsession, negative thinking and a possible decrease in your motivation level. (Doesn’t sound fun, does it?)

For people who weigh themselves daily (or even multiple times a day), the idea of giving up the scale can be scary. But I guarantee that once you do it, you’ll be happier, have a more accurate self-image and better relationship with your body. If cutting yourself off from the scale cold-turkey is a scary—or downright impossible—proposal, follow this five-step plan to go from scale-obsessed to scale-free in just one month!

Continue reading for your 30-day plan to ditch the scale for good!Jenn


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