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New Underwear Helps Prevent Dreaded "Camel Toe"

I don’t know about ya’ll, but there’s nothing worse than a front wedgie while I’m working out. Not only is it embarrassing, it alsofeels like my clothes hate me and are punishing me. It’s not cool considering workouts are demanding enough without further distractions.

That’s where Shannon Dye’s camelflage panties come in! A friend sent me this site as a joke, but I wasn’t laughing one bit. I had to see if the darn panty could really protect me from my greatest apparel discomfort. IT DID! Hallelujah! My lady bits are happy and it’s all because of a little magical padding area that blocks any and all parting action. I’ve never seen a pair of underwear with padding like this. It’s not hard or uncomfortable, but that pad definitely packs a powerful punch in the panty region! It doesn’t matter how you twist or turn; the camel will not form! The magic comes in both thong or brief, so everyone’s happy.

Shannon is humble to boot. She admitted the nude brief isn’t the most attractive panty out there, but who cares if they do the trick! My boyfriend likes to scream when he sees my magical underwear in the hamper, but I just remind him of something slicing his manly parts and he shuts right up!

Overall, I give Shannon’s camelflage technique one thumb up. I’d normally give her two, but I’m through with double stuff at the moment.

Who’s ready to pledge to be camel toe free with me?! —Tish


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