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Stop Delaying, Parents, Vaccines Key to a Child's Health

CINCINNATI --- As more and more parents delay, or even refuse, childhood immunizations for their
children, many pediatricians are concerned parents do not fully
understand the potential dangers to their children and others.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center has created a video and Q&A with Robert Frenck Jr.,
MD, staff physician in the Division of Infectious Diseases, to provide
evidence-based answers to questions many parents have regarding vaccine

In an excerpt from the video, Dr. Frenck answers the question: Why are Childhood Immunizations important?

"These diseases are not gone. The only thing keeping them away is really our immunizations. In Great Britain
there was a large decline in the number of children receiving the MMR
and they saw large outbreaks of measles and children died... A lot of
people say let them get the diseases because these are just childhood
diseases, every child gets them, they're ok. And that's true, that's
what happened before we had immunizations, all of the children got the
diseases, but a lot of them died."

The video and downloadable Q&A are both available at


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