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Stomach-Turning Moment Woman Gets 'Goose Egg' Removed From Forehead (Video)

Footage shows the moment a “goose egg” bump on a woman’s forehead was drained with a syringe.

In a stomach-turning video (below), posted to YouTube by Justin D, a woman gets a goose egg bump removed from her forehead by doctors, before cutting it open with a scalpel and squeezing out the congealed, black blood inside.

According to The New York Times, goose eggs form when the small blood vessels in and under the scalp ruptures with a slight bump and the skin is intact. The blood has no place to go, so the pooled blood pushes outward.

“My little sister fainted while on a run, hit her head on a rock, and ended up with an enormous goose egg,” Justin wrote in the video description. “Almost two weeks later, the bump was a big as ever, so she went to get it drained. This is the result.”

The nauseating video has gone viral, racking up more than 500,000 views since it was first uploaded to YouTube on April 29.

Check out the whole video below (Warning: Do not eat while watching it.):

Sources: Daily MirrorThe New York Times

Photo Credit: Justin D/YouTube


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