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Video: Steven and Roger Ham, Gay Dads, Adopt Twelve Kids

Steven and Roger Ham, both gay men, had been raising twelve children from foster care, but now they have legally adopted the kids, reports the Arizona Republic (video below).

The two dads live in Arizona, where gay couples can’t get married or adopt children together. However, a gay man can adopt a child on his own.

So Steven adopted ten of the children in Arizona and two more in Washington State, where same-sex couples are allowed to adopt children.

Roger had his last name legally changed to 'Ham' in 2007 and the two men had legal papers to transfer guardianship to the other, if either died, but there will still many benefits they lacked because both were not legal parents.

That was until attorney Shelly Krebs offered to do the re-adoption of the other ten kids in Washington State, for about $1,500. The fee would have normally been $15,000.

Krebs told the Arizona Republic: "As a businessperson, it's a little more paperwork, and it's a little more time for me," but the world is not always about time and money.”

On July 13, Steven and Roger both legally became dads to all twelve children. On top of that, they were named to Esquire magazine's list of the 10 best dads of 2012.


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