Staying Alive with This CPR Video

As a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor, I have to keep my CPR certification current each and every year. And it seems like every few years, the recommendations for performing CPR change just a little, based on current research. I’ve always taken my CPR certification serious, as I know people who have had to use the information in some really terrible situations. But—no matter how prepared you are— it’s always hard to know exactly how you’ll react when something bad happens and you have to rely on that CPR knowledge. That’s where this video comes in. While I’ve used all of the suggested mnemonic devices to remember breaths to compressions and the steps to even be okay to perform CPR, nothing quite compares to this little bit featuring Ken Jeong from The Hangover. Nothing. It’s humor and information in one!

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch the new “Staying Alive” CPR video!

Staying alive is right! —Jenn


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