Starbucks Bans Smoking Outside, Up to 25 Feet (Video)

Bad news for folks who enjoy lighting up, Starbucks is cracking down on smokers outside its stores. Beginning on June 1, the coffee giant is going to ban smoking up to 25 feet away from its cafes (video below).

While non-smokers will not miss the clouds of tobacco smoke on the Starbucks' patios, some persecuted smokers are feeling singled out.

“I don’t blow smoke on people or try to get them polluted. I don’t push their rights, so, leave mine alone. Let me have this,” Danny Jordan, a proud smoker since the age of 18, told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

“I don’t think we’ve had a continuous problem with anybody, not being considerate. I mean…people are adults. And you know, they’re smart and courteous,” said Jake Paleschic, the owner of the non-Starbucks Avoca coffee shop in Fort Worth, Texas.

Source: CBS Dallas-Fort Worth


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