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Sponge-Filled Syringe Can Seal Gunshot Wound in 15 Seconds

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A new invention inspired by a simple kitchen sponge may have the ability to save lives on the battlefield, according to the inventors of the XStat.

The XStat appears to be a syringe filled with pills, but the capsules are actually tiny sponges that plug wounds and stop bleeding faster than gauze. The sponges, which stick to liquid and can’t be pushed out of the body, take action in less than 15 seconds.

The XStat could potentially be used with buddy aid, which would allow medics to get to other wounded soldiers and civilians faster.

The use of the XStat could be revolutionary, considering the leading cause of death on the battlefield is uncontrolled bleeding.

“By working closely with the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and US Special Operations Command, we succeeded in developing a novel hemostatic dressing capable of stopping high-flow arterial bleeding within seconds without external compression," RevMedx, the inventor of the XStat, wrote.

RevMedx has since petitioned the FDA for approval of the XStat.

Sources: The Blaze, NY Daily News


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